New Aims May 2013

I started posting about on 23 February (… 2013). Three months of blogging and it is time see where I am going. These were my aims.

I had in mind to raise my writing profile and also to reach out to the Far Eastern Prisoner of War researchers in the hope of finding some of the families of the men who served with my father. I have letters from relatives of these men. I also wanted a sort of notepad for thoughts about fiction and for updates about my publishing hopes and woes. I will inevitably talk about my passion for opera and my current reading and keep a diary of progress and plans in the garden and mark my development on the Lindy Hopping front. Lastly, I suppose, I should update my non-progress on re-learning the piano.

I don’t think my writing profile has risen. I have made contact with WWII researchers, but none with the relatives of my father’s men. I have posted some thoughts about fiction, but I see that some major concerns have never made it from draft to publication (drafts headed ‘Guilt’ and ‘Writers’ responsibilities’ are unpublished). Reading, opera and gardening, especially the latter, have had lots of my attention. Lindy Hopping and Piano have disappeared. I still Lindy Hop, but the piano is gathering dust.

I have put a category chooser on my home page and people can look at my blogs by subject area. However the crucial factor in this revision is to note that I have not been working on my writing. I write posts using snatched moments and garden and run the house etc much of the time. As I wrote my first novel in snatched moments, I can’t pretend this is not writing time. I must now return to the three manuscripts.

Most of all I think I have missed the chance to get in touch with the Far East POW community. I must write posts relating to the letters I have and work harder to make contact with relatives and survivors.

So… I have just put on Edith Piaf’s Milord, this seems to be the self-selected theme tune to my new novel. I cannot imagine how I have let it sit untouched for so long. Of course I do know why – I must first deal with the publication, one way or another, of my novel Border Line and the non-fiction WWII memoir/history Writing to a Ghost.

From now on, more posts relating to WWII or writing, no other posts until I have sent more submissions – for both books. Further character work on Border Line. Post the difficult drafts.

Finally – publish this instead of leaving it as a draft simply in order to put up pretty pictures of my garden.

7 thoughts on “New Aims May 2013

  1. Thank you. You have given me a timely reminder that I should be updating again. I did make another submission a couple of days ago, but we have had an Indian summer here and I have been flat out in the garden or insulating the house for winter. I find the pace in the publishing world grindingly slow, but I know well that my own multi-facetted life is much to blame – and I wouldn’t change that. Really look forward to your poetry, this is my original love.

    • Thanks, I see it is more than a year since I wrote that update, and I should really bring it up to the present. I find it easier to get things done if I say publicly that I plan to do them – it is less easy to kid oneself if you have it there in your own writing. Good luck with your novel.

  2. Thanks so much for the visit and the “like,” Custance. Yours is a yummy blog: I look forward to the pleasure of exploring it thoroughly! It should give me a good kick in the pants when I find myself lollygagging around and not focussing on writing.

    • I had to laugh… focussing on writing? Today, I have tried to catch up on fellow bloggers’ posts, carved up the old block of polystyrene that was my studio seat 30 years ago (so as to sit upright at my computer), shared some poetry I found with my husband, and the funny video M-R sent about swans surfing, tried to deal with some book publicity stuff, pruned some roses and cleaned a couple of tubs, put up a post about a review (which was not the one I was preparing) … now I am back to the blogs. I haven’t worked on my book for five days. Good luck with your writing.

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