New Aims 2017

On the personal side – 2016 was not bad.

Surviving the Death Railway: A POW’s Memoir and Letters from Home was published. At the two launch parties relatives of Royal Signals, 27 Line Section were able to meet each other. New aim is to continue to try to reach more of these families.

I printed 26 copies of the longer unabridged version of the book for the family using the old title Writing to a Ghost. New aim is to find who still wants a copy that I have forgotten.

I faced my public speaking fears and attended Toastmasters regularly. It is still scary but I am making progress. New aim to reach at least level 7 in the manual and to learn to evaluate other’s speeches well.

I gave Powerpoint talks at the National Archives, Kew; the TWHAS, Oxford; The Somerset Museum, Taunton; Darwin College, Cambridge and The Taunton Literary Festival. They seemed to go OK. New aim I have to more talks arranged, and will offer to do more and to keep marketing the book.

Threadgold Press took on the publication of Calling London: Travels by British Bankers, 1904-1963, World-wide reports in the archives of the Midland Bank. New aim to bring this out by June this year, to do this well and to get it to the right people. 

I did no writing on my new novel (working title Jeannie) last year. However, I have now started work on this and am making progress. New aim a full draft by the end of the year.

I tended always to be behind with information on my website www.hilarycustancegreen.comNew aim to revamp the site and to make pages for and