Tolstoy versus Sacks

I am disconcerted, by my lack of discipline when it comes to reading. I cannot think of a time when I only had one book on the go and though my ‘to read’ pile is enormous, I happily add to it on an almost weekly basis.

Our next book for discussion is Anna Karenina, given its length (and the fact that I requested it), nothing else should intervene. However, I am unable to resist The Mind’s Eye by Oliver Sacks, which I am finding riveting as it has case studies that are connected to the work I used to do. I popped in Smith by Leon Garfield, a Folio Society book which a friend wanted to know whether to bother with. A fast-paced, Dickensian story from the back streets of London in the early nineteenth (?) century. A little soppy perhaps, but very enjoyable. I picked up and started 22 Britannia road by Amanda Hodgkinson and I have been lent WordPress for Dummies which I keep dipping into.

It will, as it always does, sort itself out. I can’t make up my mind whether reading several strands simultaneously is productive or foolish.

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