Heat wave good; heat wave bad

The lilies are opening and the air is heady. The lawn is brown and crisp underfoot and the lettuces are a withered heap every evening, no matter how much water I give them.DSCN4171DSCN4175DSCN4176

The rhododendrons, that I am foolish enough to grow, are limp in their pots and the underground rainwater harvester has run out.


On the other hand we have finally tackled the failed seal round the bottom of the big shed/garage. We raked out all the rotten wood and there has been enough serious heat to really dry out the timbers. I have started to refill with fresh sealant (including, I notice, my shirt). This sealant, once dry, is proof against sun, rain, rot, mice, cats, goats and probably acts of god. We shall see.


It has been so hot in the middle of the day, that I have stayed in the cool and finished the revised draft of my book of Far East POW memoirs and letters. Tackling the index has left me cross-eyed and may require a week’s repose.

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