New acer seedling

In the last couple of years, we have had many seedling round the maples, particularly Matzukaze. I am very excited by the two-year-old one below, which has looked delightful all year. The nearest other-parent maple is Sengokaku, but there is also a green dissectum in the garden and this looks a more likely parent (there is a second bronzier seedling in the same pot.

Matsukaze seedling

Matsukaze seedling

Yesterday we travelled through Suffolk (UK) in brilliant sunlight. Even though it is November many trees are still in full green leaf, others sporting every shade from butter yellow to crimson. In our own garden the trees and shrubs showing their best colour for many years.

DSCN4438 DSCN4458

7 thoughts on “New acer seedling

  1. The colours have been amazing this year, haven’t they? My mum always says that good autumn colours are the result of hard frosts, but we had magnificent colours north of the border before there was much frost at all so perhaps there’s some other reason.

    • I thought we needed frosts for autumn colour too. We did have about three very cool nights almost a month ago, but as some trees are still green, they can’t have been frosts. I gather that very bright sunlight, at the same time as fewer hours of sun, influences colour… Apparently there is still a mystery about it all. I’m very happy with effect either way.

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