10 thoughts on “Siracusa, Somerset, home

  1. You have to give us a clue as to where they are growing ( Siracusa, Somerset… Italy?) – both look tropical. In the first the one on the left could be a mimosa (does it have tiny leaves?) . There appear to be large leaves of a bread fruit tree intertwined, but they have a different tree form. If both the left and right are the same species than I vote with previous comments of a banyan or tropical fig. The second photo of the spiny “pregnant ” tree I have seen at a botanic garden in Hawaii – I believe it is from Africa and it named after the hanging fruit ( not a “cannon ball” however – they are round).

    • Sorry. The big trees in the top picture and the bulgy trees with fruit are both in Siracusa, Sicily. I think the big trees (and both appeared to be the same species) are, as you and Gerald suggest, a form of fig. Neither are near the tropics, but on the Mediterranean so I was a bit curious. I will keep looking.

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