Almost writing again…book cover queries… new arrival.

I have been utterly committed to the garden (and, of course, to our visitors) for the last two months and writing has been low on the agenda – but not forgotten. Just over a week ago I finally bought InDesign (publishing software) and my extraordinarily patient cousin has come all the way from Sweden and is walking me through the basics of setting the text of my novel into a printable format, and creating a cover.

He created the cover of my previous novel.
Unseen coverpic

We have also discussed (argued about) the desirable qualities of a cover illustration. How much should it indicate either genre or content? Do people really pick up a book (or reject it) because of it’s cover. All opinions welcomed!

The novel will be titled Border Line. I shall be glad to know if this suggests a genre to people… and if so, which?

As I will need to create an ebook too, I have finally justified the purchase of an iPad mini. DSCN5735

And it’s past midnight and my husband and cousin are asleep… oh for a few more hours in the day.

19 thoughts on “Almost writing again…book cover queries… new arrival.

  1. For what it is worth. I buy a book on its contents. Even so, it has to look good. Simplicity is what draws my attention. I liked the cover of your book and it manages to imply the basics of your story as well. Well done.

  2. I love the cover of your previous novel, so hopefully this one will be just as good. I wouldn’t say that Border Line suggests any particular genre to me. It’s a phrase that could mean all sorts of things. I buy books mostly on recommendations or reviews. But it does depend where you’re going to sell it; if I’m browsing, I will pick up or reject books based on their covers.
    Best of luck – I look forward to seeing the cover of Border Line.

  3. Fantastic to hear that Border Line is soon to be published. Can’t wait to see how you developed the plot and the voice of the protagonist, and what happens to that bus in the end!

  4. Name and cover are essential, as is the back cover description and first few pages… at least according to the experts. 🙂 Of which I am not. But it makes sense. You can have great content but first people have to pick up the book. And there are millions of options. –Curt

  5. It seems to me the cover is important. First of all, the title and author’s name have to be clear even when the image is reduced to thumbnail, since that is how many prospective buyers will first see it.

    Negatively, a badly designed cover might well put people off.

    As for genre, I think the appearance of the cover matters a lot in some – for example, fantasy. It will also matter with romance, though I know next to nothing about that. Historical fiction too, I would think, suggests a certain restricted range of styles.

    When it comes to general fiction and literary fiction, I think that’s where cover art matters least.

    (I have to confess that I would not have the patience and application to find my way round InDesign.)

    • Interesting that you feel the cover is less crucial for general and literary fiction. I can see that makes sense. I rather enjoy the InDesign challenge, but that may be another form of displacement activity.

  6. I think both title and cover are important. That’s what will make someone pick up your book, or in the case of an e-book, read what it’s about.
    Border Line suggests to me a mental disorder, as in borderline personality.
    As for your cover, I think the previous one is very eye catching. Since you’re designing your own cover (very courageous) you might try out different covers and see what the opinions are. How about putting one of your sculptures on the cover?
    In any case, happy for you that you’re back to writing. 🙂

  7. How exciting 🙂 border line suggests the find line between pass and fail to me but I’m in exam and essay marks month! When someone tells you your performance was border line it means it was only just believable. Or your about to cross a line from which there is no return. I liked the art faces in the sand and pebble notes great symbolism.

    • Charlotte, you are wonderful! Your analysis of the meanings of Border Line is music to my ears. I’m sending a hug across the ether waves. (WP thought this was spam, I’m so glad I check before deleting).

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