Hedgehog excitement

We used to meet hedgehogs regularly in the garden at night, but of late years there has been very little evidence of them. For the last three months we have been leaving hedgehog food (Cranberry Crunch from the RSPB). The food gets eaten and there have been hedgehog droppings around, but no sightings, then tonight there was a great deal of scuffling and snuffling about 20 minutes ago and…
DSCN6143 DSCN6144They legged it very swiftly as soon as I approached with a camera, so I’m afraid you will need the eye of faith to spot them. But those two brown lumps like fluffy microphones tucked into the lefthand base of the pot are healthy young hedgehogs and they were frolicking in our knot garden and we are thrilled to pieces.


11 thoughts on “Hedgehog excitement

  1. And I would be, too – ANY wildlife is wonderful beyond words, Hilary !! Goodonyou !
    (Btw: those things on microphones that look like hedgehogs are what are called WINDSOCKS: they come off when there’s no need to protect a voice from surrounding wind.)

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