Web surgery – Kristen Harrison

It’s been a while since I put up a post, because I have been hard at work trying to update my embarrassingly old-fashioned website at hilarycustancegreen.comScreen Shot 2014-07-30 at 17.24.04

Today, through the Society of Authors, I signed up for a tutorial on my website and social media presence. I spent a generous and productive hour with Kristen Harrison of The Curved House.

My fear that I would be told to get onto various media outlets and advertise my books according to some hidden ‘rules for authors’ was unfounded. The session was unexpected for three particular reasons: 1) Kirsten had already checked out both my blog and my website and her first questions were designed to understand my work and interests. From there she swiftly showed me how to rearrange and redistribute the information on the web about me and my books. 2) She listened to, and understood, my concerns about cover design, about which she was extremely knowledgable (more about covers at a later date). 3) She aligned her advice with my understanding of the Internet and technology and with my needs outlined in a pre-session questionnaire.

How rare is that? All I have to do now is to put all this into practice…

I did manage to weed the vegetable plot and we have eaten the first runner beans.

DSCN6207 DSCN6220

But there are 74 posts to read in my emails and I am going Lindy hopping tonight.

12 thoughts on “Web surgery – Kristen Harrison

  1. That sounds very efficient of Kristen, good luck with it, my Dad found it quite hard to get the website working well across tablets, phones, main desk computers and laptops, I think that’s what he found the hardest. All the best Charlotte 🙂

  2. WHAT is Lindy hopping ???
    I resigned from our version of your Society of Authors: they are far too high-handed. Is your site ready for approving noises when viewed, yet …?

    • The SOA here is really helpful here in the UK and runs affordable sessions for writers in many different fields on many subjects, as well as giving free advice to members – of course membership costs, but I’ve found it worth it. You are welcome at my website, which is still in transition, but the new plan is to import the material and incorporate it into the WordPress blog site.
      Re: Lindy Hopping see below.

  3. The website is very slick and friendly already. I thoroughly enjoyed Unseen Unsung. It was the kindle equivalent of a page turner. Held me captivated from start to finish. Affectionately drawn characters, (dear Dave), and very soundly researched. What is not to enjoy? I am also innocent and ignorant about Lindy Hopping. Something to do with a past president of the USA? Let’s go the LBJ hop?

    • Edit
      I’m glad you found it clear in spite of ladders and scaffolding. I am even more than glad you found reading Unseen Unsung time happily spent. Lindy Hopping post coming soon (this is the fourth time I have tried to post a reply to you, but our Broadband provider is having a fit, and we only get momentary connections).

  4. You are extremely fortunate you CAN master website design, Hilary! I’m sure the advice you received was really fine tuning! And I remember well the story of Mr. Baker and the tragic crash. Best of luck in your POW project!

    • Thanks, Koji, I am only in the foothills of website understanding and my mastery of graphic design is at the nursery level, but I’m a sucker for a challenge. The POW project will eventually be published, promise.

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