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I started this blog, Green Writing Room, early last year. One of the first people I followed was a young music student from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Charlotte Hoather. As she started putting up clips of her singing, I could hear she had a generous voice with enormous promise. In the following eighteen months I have heard it develop in strength and clarity. Charlotte is warm, dedicated, disciplined, thoughtful, with a wonderful supportive family and she looks lovely too. She takes on every challenge that comes her way. Her blog has rocketed in popularity and I have every hope that she will one day be on the opera stages of the world. She is already giving many people pleasure in concerts and competitions around the country.

Recently she came third in the Voice of the Future category of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. For the last of her three songs she sang one of her favourites, Rusalka’s Song to the Moon (Dvorak), and I feel great delight as I hear the development of her voice in this version compared to her earlier recordings.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 07.30.02

Do listen to the final song on this video recording from the competition.

Charlotte reminded me a little of the young man, Luca, that I had dreamed up for my novel Unseen Unsung. I thought her parents might enjoy reading the book. So, late last year, I made contact and sent them a copy. I did not expect Charlotte to read it, because she has a schedule that makes most of the rest of us look like sloths. However a few days ago, she wrote on my post about Unseen Unsung :

My last post didn’t come through don’t know why? Just wanted to say I love, love, loved this story, kept me guessing and intrigued all the way through. Really related to the story, loved the references to opera, good luck with the e-book promotion. Best wishes Charlotte 🙂

As Unseen Unsung had been originally been published in 2008 I was not expecting it to make waves as an eBook but this, along with other wonderful responses from you kind and generous readers out there have made this writer delirious with happiness.

17 thoughts on “Little story – happy author

    • She is a delight, though I worry at her workload, and she won’t be able to answer all her follows comments for much longer. Funnily enough, I have got around to pressing a copy on Bryn yet (I don’t often do that – though I did find an appropriate weaver and sent her a copy).

  1. I followed Charlotte, too, Hilary; but I do prefer to be interactive with those I follow, and I decided her program was just too busy to allow her to respond to everyone. I’m REALLY looking forward to receiving Unseen Unsung, and adding my voice to the throng of its admirers !!!

    • Yes, Charlotte is going to be out of reach of most of us quite soon. She is still answering comments, but she cannot do so forever, let alone visiting all the sites of her followers, or she will be overwhelmed. She must spend most of her time singing and all that goes with that. Re Unseen Unsung – we’ll see, we’ll see.

  2. I have been amazed at how much Charlotte crams into her life: she is an amazing person.
    I am now quite a way through Unseen Unsung and am enjoying it a lot.

    • I almost met Charlotte on Wednesday, we were at the same opera, but didn’t know!
      Re Unseen Unsung, that’s a relief (a friend has just proof-read BorderLine and clearly did not enjoy it). Serious Business is moving fast up my book pile.

  3. Thank you for this lovely post Hilary I feel blessed that you wrote about me. As you know I started my blog to act as a reflective diary and to help with writing my essays. (That worked by the way I raised my grades.). I never expected to come into contact with so many wonderful and supportive people who have been very encouraging.
    It’s lovely to share and interact but you’re also right that sometimes my schedule can be hectic.
    It would be fantastic if your novel was made into a libretto, Ruth is such a great character, I love the fact that she is an artist, I can imagine the music now when she’s weaving.

      • You must do it 🙂 I will check out your suggested composers work, I wished I could download your knowledge straight into my head. I’ve been learning French all summer, verb conjugations and pronunciation to start with. Hence the short trip to Paris to practise. I can’t wait for my third year to start only a couple of weeks to go.

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