Short stories, small books

Our short story course at the Sainsbury Centre with Patricia Mullin is progressing nicely and everyone has the beginnings of a story inspired by one of the pictures in the exhibition Reality ( Modern and Contemporary British Painting). Being a fool, or simply greedy, I now have three stories on the go. The front runner at the moment is based on the intriguingly-titled Maid’s Day Off by Cecily Brown.  Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 20.18.58  I am finding the different styles and story subjects very stimulating and looking forward to the results.

My other delight has been the arrival yesterday of another book from Hercules Editions. These tiny publications give equal weight to text and graphics. This one, by Hannah Lowe, is poetry, photos and information about the precursor ship to The Windrush, The Ormonde, which arrived in Britain in 1947 and brought desperately needed workers to our industries.DSCN6756

Finally, tomorrow is the day of the local launch for Border Line, a ship with an unknown fate. DSCN6758 - Version 2


20 thoughts on “Short stories, small books

    • Thanks, I have an awful lot more of them, so I’ll have to do some of the dreaded promotion. I have been asked to talk to a group in the sheltered flats in the village, so that is a start. I asked the person who invited me if she realised that a main thread in the story was suicide and assisted dying… she didn’t think this would be a problem, but we shall see.

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