‘We are all migrants’ – Mohsin Hamid

There is a really sane and perceptive article by Mohsin Hamid in last Saturday’s Guardian Review Section. He looks at the flickering moral compass in Pakistan, the USA and Britain. he has the experience and the right to speak for all these countries. Go look, even if you only read as far at the poem inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

6 thoughts on “‘We are all migrants’ – Mohsin Hamid

  1. The article is very well written and logical. If there were not so many people on the planet as there are now then his ideal might be workable, as it was in times past.

    • There are some overcrowded areas of the planet, but the planet’s population is stabilising. There is still quite a bit of space in, say, the US, and also a large number of people who already live and work there, but have no rights. I suspect the problem is more about who we want to share our space with, and, of course, with whom we feel like sharing our relative wealth.

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