Author (almost) Faints at Book-Signing Event!!

If Amazon put me through a two-week version of the author and publisher’s worst nightmare, today the gods handed out one of those moments that an author can only dream of. No, I didn’t sell 100 books, or get signed up by an agent or publisher. It was sweeter than that.

I was sitting in the corner of the friendly and comfortable café of the Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 22.02.14DSCN6799(Like so – sorry, this only comes blurred.) I had distributed little booklets with info about Border Line  all over the room and left a browsing copy on one of the tables plus various other signals. However the café was full much of the day and I remained hidden. Several friends came and we all chatted and I sold a satisfactory trickle of books and I had my photo taken with an interesting Chinese visitor, Josie, who bought a copy too.                             In the afternoon a couple of women came and sat on the table next to me, glanced at my leaflet and got on with their tea and chat. Finally, as they left, one of them leaned over and spoke to me, and I explained that I was signing my new book. Then she spotted copies of my earlier novel, Unseen Unsung, and said, ‘Do you mean you are the author of that book?’ I agreed I was. I was gobsmacked by her reaction and modesty prevents me from repeating… well actually I was so overwhelmed by all she said I can’t remember it enough to repeat. After saying many wonderful things, she explained to her friend that she had made her reading group get it and it had been difficult to get enough copies and they had had to share books, she didn’t have her own copy… I sat there is a state of blissful amazement.

Anyway, I think if you ask any writer what would make them happiest in the world, it would be to hear from a stranger, who had read their book, a spontaneous and generous appreciation of it. So Tracy and Alison, if you should happen upon this post, thank you for making all that sweat, uncertainty, aspiration and crazy numbers of hours shifting words from A to B (and often back again), all worthwhile in the end. I really mean that.

38 thoughts on “Author (almost) Faints at Book-Signing Event!!

  1. You’re right – that is a most wonderful thing to happen. Congratulations! And I must say, the Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop looks like a delightful place to spend an afternoon.

  2. Well it is a very fine book so that should not be the surprise. Being “author-spotted” in The Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop” is however. Was that were Noggin the Gog Magog lived?

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Hilary ! – we are as one on this. Mind, I haven’t met my ‘strangers’ face-to-face, but they have given me the same amazed joy …
    You are a courageous woman to do this: even if I’d had a locale to use, I doubt I would have had the courage …
    I am VERY HAPPY for you !!!

    • I swear that you were there in spirit, M-R, as this wonderful woman was embarrassing me with cries of praise, just as you threatened. Of course you could do it, and you wouldn’t have sat most of the day in the corner, talking to friends and just hoping strangers would roll up.

      • It’s true that I may, on occasion, have leaped to my feet and hectored whatever gathering there was in the place, along the lines of “Come and talk to me, you lot ! – or shall I talk to you ?”, and grinned.
        But all that is simply because I’m so hopeless at not showing off when there’s a chance … {grin}

  4. I am really happy for you, Hilary. What a lovely early Christmas gift. That’s what it’s all about. I think it’s important that you write that down in your writing diary. Have a lovely week.

    • You’re so kind, it was indeed a gift. My writing diary…? Hmm, I think that’s my whole computer, or the pile of recycled squares of paper with lists of things I should have done all over them. Have a great week too.

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