Happy author gets review

Reviews are rare and wonderful things… as in someone has read all those words that you juggled with and let fall onto the page in what you hoped was the right order. When the review is from someone professional, that you have never met and they reach for the heart of your story… your cup runneth over.

I am thrilled by this review of Border Line on Rosie Amber’s book review site by Alison Williams.

Print cover

Print cover

eBook cover

eBook cover


Amazon UK continue to confuse me. Border Line appears under its eBook cover and you can find, and buy the print version (for £8.50), by clicking through to it. However, they also show the print version separately priced at… £22.50… !?%$£@!?


For M-R https://rosieamber.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/rosies-book-review-team-rbrt-alison-reviews-borderline-by-hilary-custance-green/

27 thoughts on “Happy author gets review

      • Hello, Hilary, I’ve recently joined Amazon Advantage and I’m about to send a box of my new books (same title) to its warehouse in Milton Keynes, but I’m very confused by Amazon’s packing and shipping instructions (I’ve looked at all the help pages, tweeted and e-mailed Amazon customer services, and contacted the Society of Authors). Do you know whether I have to wrap each book individually and if I have to attach some sort of sticker over the ISBN bar code on the back of the book? The information on AMazon is unclear and sometimes contradictory.

      • Hello Greg, I have struggled with the shipping system and another author helped me out. Amazon Advantage will email you to tell you that you have an order. From there, follow the steps I have suggested in my email to you and good luck.

  1. Something weird going on Downunder, HCG: (1) There are no Likes – which may be of your doing, I suppose – but (2) I’m totally unable to find the review itself ! Rosie’s site doesn’t even have a searchbox; and Amber’s does, but comes up with zilch.
    Is there no direct link, rather than two to the women’s sites, please, courageous one ?

    • Oops and Uh? The Likes is my oversight – thank you. If I click Rosie Amber it goes straight to the right page (it is the front Home page, though it will soon be superseded I imagine). It is not on Alison’s site yet, but will be next week, I think, with an interview. I have put the whole address at the bottom of the post, but it is also on Goodreads. Thank you for caring and telling me!

      • I feel better now: I thought it was just another of the many WP glitches currently happening. For instance, on most sites I’ve been following for yonks, when I click on the Like button, I’m not being asked if I want to comment ! Sighh … Me ? – not comment ? 😉

  2. I have read the review and it is good. I am maybe 1/4 of the way through the book now and will figure out after I finish whether I can usefully add fuel to the fire. As for the Amazon thing, I don’t understand it at all – which probably puts me in a very large group.

    • I’ll be interested to hear what you make of it, I don’t imagine it will strike everyone the same way. I’m already getting feedback which suggests that people’s life experience affects their reaction – sorry, that’s rather obvious – but the subject gets people different ways.

    • It took a while to write and both in my own life and every time I opened a paper, the subject seemed to come up. Glad you like the covers, they were a cause of much angst. My daughter designed the print one, the other was by Didi Wahyudi in an online competition – an exciting exercise.

  3. Nice review. I love Rosie’s site and applaud her generosity in keeping up with so many new books. As an author I know how important reviews are – and of course as readers we rely on them. Good luck!

  4. Don’t you get to set your own price(s) in the on Amazon UK ? We do.
    What confuses me is that I have no idea, from the royalties that dribble in, how many books I’ve sold – or when. They lump e-books and print books together as well foreign and domestic sales. Oh well – do I really care?

    • Yes, the publisher, Threadgold Press (that’s me), sets a price, Amazon then then decides on their own discount and takes 60% on print sales. Add in postage and I make a loss with every print copy sold on Amazon, but I have already covered my printing costs in direct sales. eBooks are better as the publisher gets 70% and they can be sold worldwide, but it will take a lot of copies cover the eBook conversion costs. I can see my sales by going on my Amazon Advantage site or my iTunes connect or Amazon KDP. I am pleased to have readers, full stop.

  5. Congrats on the review, Hilary. And those are some choice words you have for Amazon. 🙂 I am moving forward with getting everything up… including print on demand. My first book signing is coming up on March 7 in Sacramento. My sister-in-law plus friends are organizing it. Should her about 50 people there. –Curt

      • Will be an Ebook, Hillary… of course:) I just sent the final corrections in to BookBaby so the Ebook version will be up by the 7th on Amazon, Apple, and several other sites I’ll list. I also have a print on demand version. I was sort of a chicken, and didn’t do the conversions myself. 🙂 I paid, but it really isn’t that much. (The printed copies are what cost, as you know.) I did get a fun Email from the president of BookBaby wanting to feature the book on his blog. Serendipity working again. Go to BookBaby blog. –Curt

      • That’s great, both about the eBook and the BookBaby piece – not just serendipity, it’s attention-grabbing and an important subject. If I didn’t already exist as a publisher with my own ISBNs I would definitely be going down this route.

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