The Sunday Show – Defining Moments with Hilary Custance Green

Thank you to Sally Cronin for this vision of myself through her rose-tinted spectacles.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I first broached the subject of being a guest on the Sunday Show with Hilary Custance Green several months ago but she was tied up with the publication of her third novel Border Line. Whilst she has a major project in process in 2015, Hilary has found time to share her defining moments with us.

Hilary had a nomadic childhood moving between England, Gibraltar, Germany and attending school in Belgium and therefore studying languages might have been the obvious choice. But it was art that was to become the priority. Hilary took degrees in Art History and Art Sculpture and then spent many years producing some stunning pieces. You will find examples of her work on her website but this was one of the pieces that I found particularly compelling.


This was not Hilary’s only creative endeavour as she also immersed herself in poetry and music both of which would…

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11 thoughts on “The Sunday Show – Defining Moments with Hilary Custance Green

  1. Such talent..such insight..seem to have graced your life, Hilary…a lovely amalgam of art and science. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. My favorite take-away: “looking after others and finding the fun in life…”

  2. This is very interesting: I didn’t know you were at work on another novel. Good luck with that!

    A also detect a quote from my review of Unseen Unsung. I can’t remember if I’ve been quoted like this before, but if I haven’t there’s a first time for everything.

  3. Such a fulfilling life and some strong messages from the past. Proving people wrong seems to have been rather a success. What a rich life you have led.

    • I’ve been exceptionally lucky in my family (parents, brothers, husband and children) and in many of my enterprises – though I also spent many years being chided as a perpetual student and living close to the breadline. Some things undoubtedly get better as we get older.

  4. Your talent amazes me, Hilary. A PhD, even. But your heart is bulging with emotions on your father’s horrid encounter with imprisonment. I am sure your feelings will flow to your keyboard as you write about their lives.

    • The gods have been very kind to me, so I had chances that others don’t get. Yes, the men on the railway had a grim time, but I hope also to write about the positive things that came out of my father’s imprisonment.

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