11 thoughts on “The Sunday Show – Defining Moments with Hilary Custance Green

  1. Such talent..such insight..seem to have graced your life, Hilary…a lovely amalgam of art and science. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. My favorite take-away: “looking after others and finding the fun in life…”

  2. This is very interesting: I didn’t know you were at work on another novel. Good luck with that!

    A also detect a quote from my review of Unseen Unsung. I can’t remember if I’ve been quoted like this before, but if I haven’t there’s a first time for everything.

  3. Such a fulfilling life and some strong messages from the past. Proving people wrong seems to have been rather a success. What a rich life you have led.

    • I’ve been exceptionally lucky in my family (parents, brothers, husband and children) and in many of my enterprises – though I also spent many years being chided as a perpetual student and living close to the breadline. Some things undoubtedly get better as we get older.

  4. Your talent amazes me, Hilary. A PhD, even. But your heart is bulging with emotions on your father’s horrid encounter with imprisonment. I am sure your feelings will flow to your keyboard as you write about their lives.

    • The gods have been very kind to me, so I had chances that others don’t get. Yes, the men on the railway had a grim time, but I hope also to write about the positive things that came out of my father’s imprisonment.

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