Temporary absence

I’m going away… for ten days. I am sorry for all your posts I will miss, but my only hope of sanity is to leap into the future when I return. By this time I hope some more tomatoes will be ripening and that neighbours will have picked the ones that are already ripe. DSCN8240 - Version 2 DSCN8239  DSCN8281 - Version 2 DSCN8237

I look forward to eating our unnamed delicious apples (the tree came labelled Victoria plum).DSCN8280and in late in October our Blenheim Orange.DSCN8287 But sadly, we will not be eating tasty leeks next spring, because the dastardly leek moth hath got them – useful information here: http://www.getseedy.co.uk/2011/09/whos-been-eating-my-leeks/

Another end-of-season reward is the cyclamen that are popping up all round the garden.DSCN8272 DSCN8292 - Version 2


See you late September.


35 thoughts on “Temporary absence

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  2. I hope your short break brings you ease and comfort, dear Hilary – even though I hate you for being so impressive a tomato-producer. What I wouldn’t give …
    Will your adorable hedgehogs be alright without you ? – I feel sure they will. But they’ll look for your return – as shall I.

  3. You have achieved what we have rarely; produced tomatoes. Yours look delicious. The first couple of years on the farm we had boxes full and even bottled them in olive oil with herbs..
    Have a great break and if the apples have disappeared; I have eaten them.

  4. Hope your breaks gone well ☺️ I might try my hand with a tomato bush next year they’re pretty as well as being good to eat. Although one of my plants didn’t survive the others are doing well ☺️.

      • Well that’s a definite no then 😄. I auditioned for a ballet module with four other girls this week, they all decided to limber up with some splits 😳 I haven’t done them for about three years so I thought better not 😆, I was so happy to be good enough for the panel only two of us got through. So pleased to be able to resume my ballet I’ve really missed it, Zumba and Yoga are both very good exercise but I’ve missed my dance.

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