Some trees for Christmas or an alternative Christmas tree

As autumn approached this year I was looking forward to splashing photos of my beloved Japanese maples all over the blog. Then there was too much going on at home and in the world; they seemed out of place and the moment passed. So I will send all of you – the happy, the sad, the politically bruised, the new parents, the newly bereaved, the travellers and the homebodies, the ordinary and extraordinary people who drop into my blog – some maples for Christmas.

dscn0019 dscn9945-version-2dscn0017 dscn0026 dscn0018 dscn0020 Below one of the nine maples that have seeded over the years beginning to grow in beauty.dscn9985-version-2

And the alternative Christmas tree…   screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-17-06-24

Have a wonderful holiday season, and see you next year.

46 thoughts on “Some trees for Christmas or an alternative Christmas tree

  1. Oh my, Hilary – what is that gorgeous xmas present all wrapped up in the last frame ? – could it be a daughter ?
    As for your maples – that is a truly impressive array ! I think I like most the one in the 3rd-last frame; but in truth there’s no point in having a favourite.
    Have a terrific holiday season, and continue to look after yourself, OK ? – I need all those I admire to be constantly around !

    • Spot on M-R, thats indeed daughter two. We have yet to hear why she elected to go feet-first through a tree wrapper. The Chicago pair (daughter one and son-in-law) rare in London now and the whole small family arrives on Thursday. I fall in love with each of my maples in turn as the seasons’s change, but your choice, Matsukaze is the best and mother of most of the seedlings.
      Have yourself the perfect mixture of fun and relaxation over Christmas! Hugs from the other hemisphere.

  2. They are lovely, aren’t they? At the house I grew up in, we had a grafted maple tree that was green at the top, and red at the lower level. I don’t know how common they were, nor whose idea it was, but everyone who visited commented on that strange maple. I think the alternative Christmas tree would get very tired 🙂

    • A house down the road from us had a field maple with two different sports – one peachy-leaved and one variegated, it always caught my eye. The alternative tree was already asking to come out by the end of the brief video from which I took this still image!

  3. Happy new year Hilary. Maples are wonderful, even our humble Field Maple is appreciated. Our daughter no. 2 has gone back to HK with boyfriend in tow. Silence reigns but for the dog and Mrs Ha making (more) gingerbread. I think I might skip 2017.

  4. Happy New Year, it sounds like you had a wonderful family Christmas 🎄. I love the colours on your trees, they need some as pretty as these in our student outdoor space.
    I chuckled at your daughters photo it’s just the sort of idea 💡 I love 😄

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