Goodbye until September

Dear friends, I need to spend time with family, friends… and possibly my writing.

So this is goodbye for the time being. I will still be keeping an eye on my blog, so if anyone happens to want to contact me, just comment and I will pick it up, but I will be neither posting, nor reading your amazing posts.

At the end of the summer I will have had visits from friends (too long neglected), attended conferences on European Banking and Far East Prisoners of War, I will have grown some tomatoes and beans and just possibly I will have made some progress on my next novel. 

We are starting here:

If I end up with nothing more than this, so be it. I will see you all again in the autumn.

47 thoughts on “Goodbye until September

  1. Good for you. Enjoy your summer and grow lots of lovely things and write lots of lovely words – and please don’t let it rain until September!
    Thanks for commenting on my Goldfish blog before you disappear.

    • I’ll do my best. We’ve had very little rain for two months, so some would be good, – but no, I won’t let it rain until September! I shall not to read some posts, such as the Goldfish. I may leave a small read-only window a week.

      • Would you mind a little more rain NOW? 😉 … because I’m coming to England in September. (My first trip except for London. Plan to start in the Lake District {Edinburgh actually} and make my way south.)

  2. I’ll miss you but I don’t blame you. I am thinking about stepping back myself. Sitting in front of the computer when there is so much that needs to be done feels wrong at times -and lately more often.

    I wish you a wonderful summer. I wish you happy writing and most of all I wish to see you again in September.

  3. Just when I managed to get your posts coming through automatically on email too! Good on you for taking a hiatus and best of luck with all the endeavours, and most of all, the next novel. Smart move to disconnect for a while. enjoy!

  4. You have a great summer, Hilary. You know we’ll be here when you get back!! [of course I will be especially interested in the Far East Prisoners of War info.]

  5. Lovely photographs, Hilary! Fare thee well with your many pursuits and enjoy life to the full! Always good to see your posts when and if they happen. ❤

  6. Have a good break, and I hope it inspires your writing. My dad’s started reading ‘Unseen unsung’ and his first comment was ‘it’s extremely well-written’. I think he’s enjoying it.

  7. Good luck, Hilary. Well done on your tomatoes are your beans. My beans (in cold, dry but sunny Essex) are doing fine, but I have no tomatoes yet, just a few little green beads on one of my plants.

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