New aims 2015

This blog has become a substantial part of my writing life. It has helped to sharpen my communications skills (I hope) and given me a spread of examples of other people’s writing.

Last year I published Border Line (tick!) and managed to do better marketing of this book compared to the previous one, Unseen Unsung, (tick!).

This year I will complete research on the book of Letters from relatives of Far East POWs – Writing to a Ghost. I will make myself advertise in newspapers and Army magazines, to try and reach some of the relatives of the men in 27 Line Section. I will make a new effort to secure mainstream publication, but failing any progress on this by the end of the year I will set about self-publishing in 2016.

I will make progress on my new novel (working title Jeannie), using it as a balance to the darker work of the letters book.

7 thoughts on “New aims 2015

  1. I agree I think the blogging does help with regular attempts at writing and having some audience and responses. Good luck as you seem to be well under way with projects. I am just tying to finish my first!

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