Tearing a manuscript in half

Torn between a new project – redesigning parts of the garden near new drive to be – and further work on Border Line. Had enough discipline to spend a couple of hours, working on dialogue of one character and checking the re-written story of another, then allowed myself to play with the garden. Much measuring in freezing wet conditions, but I now have a passable plan to scale, so ought to feel cheery. I feel pleased with the plan, but slightly unfocussed.

Actually I am frustrated that the weather is too foul to get to work, and I am dissatisfied by my writing today. I also had feedback about Writing to a Ghost from a dear friend. Love the feedback, but the dilemmas remain. Do I try to publish as is, or do I tear it to pieces and create three different kinds of books. I could fulfil the Pen & Sword requirement for a 50 – 70,000 word social history, by using only the relatives letters, and write the story of Phyllis and the dossier and the wives and mothers. Hmm, I can feel the juices flowing a bit as I wonder how to set about this.

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