On the TV last evening a program about a right-wing group at the beginning of the WWII. The consequences of their treasonable behaviour are linked to the rounding up of all ‘enemy’ aliens and their internment. At the same time I am reading the sad story of the Arandora Star (Maria Serena Balestracci), torpedoed on its way to Canada while carrying 2000 or so German and Italian internees, many of whom lost their lives. These internees were for the most part harmless individuals well-integrated into British life. They had been given very little time to leave home, with minimal goodbyes and often even the arresting officer thought they would be back the next day. Such unnecessary suffering, lives torn apart pointlessly, it is maddening how often humans create misery for each other.

3 thoughts on “coincidence

  1. POW stories are heartbreaking, so I try to concentrate on the underlying theme that prevails – the survival, the determination and loyalty the men have.

  2. Indeed. This is why I am trying to publish the letters between my parents and between the families of the men in my father’s unit and the wonderful letters the surviving men wrote to my parents. These show the very best of men and women in desperate circumstances.

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