Luzon Raid

I see on the WordPress site several mentions of Luzon and a raid to rescue internees in February 1945. Some of the POWs rescued were Brits, one of them was Signalman Thomas Potter of the Royal Corps of Signals, 27 Line Section. Potter was one of the men in my father’s section and after being repatriated was interviewed by the war office and also by my mother, who was trying to get news of all the men in 27 Line Section. I have put together a book about my parents and the wives and mothers of the men in 27 Line Section from the many letters I have. I am interested in making contact people who might have relatives from 27 Line Section or know of any other internees rescued in the same raid and still with us.

6 thoughts on “Luzon Raid

  1. Glad to hear Mr. Potter freed at Los Banos, Luzon. You have a wonderful blog here. The only relative I’ve been contacted by was a niece of one of the Maryknoll nuns. Thank you for making a link to my site.

  2. Yes I do (though I thought the name was Vernon), that’s how I came across your posts. It is now a very small world with too many interesting things in it (and not enough time to spread around all of them).

    • That’s a good idea. I have not forgotten or abandoned the work on the 27 Line Section story, but I am getting my novel out of the way (publication December), so that I can give it full attention. I have a new co-editor and am making big changes. I am also going to follow advice about using the old addresses I have to contact possible relatives (something I have been reluctant to do). I will probably do the reblog about the end of August (by which time the novel should have gone to the printers). Thanks for the continued interest.

      • Like I told you – I would look into what I could find and I hold to my word. Yes, of course, the book comes first – I’ll be here.

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