Luzon Raid – correction

In the COFEPOW quarterly newsletter, there is a short piece about the memoirs of Signalman W G Riley, Dishonourable Guest. He was rescued on 30 January 1945 by Americans in the Cabanatuan, Luzon Raid. Checking in my newspaper cuttings from the period, I realise that it is this raid in which Thomas Potter was rescued not the later February one. The memoirs are available at the Imperial War Museum or, for a very small fee to COFEPOW, as a PDF via the author’s son. (If anyone wants these try the COFEPOW website or get in touch with me).

Luzon Raid

I see on the WordPress site several mentions of Luzon and a raid to rescue internees in February 1945. Some of the POWs rescued were Brits, one of them was Signalman Thomas Potter of the Royal Corps of Signals, 27 Line Section. Potter was one of the men in my father’s section and after being repatriated was interviewed by the war office and also by my mother, who was trying to get news of all the men in 27 Line Section. I have put together a book about my parents and the wives and mothers of the men in 27 Line Section from the many letters I have. I am interested in making contact people who might have relatives from 27 Line Section or know of any other internees rescued in the same raid and still with us.