Spinach marathon

There will be a few days quiet on the blog as we will be travelling. I find that I have a great inclination to tidy up if I am leaving the house so I finally decided to cut all the bolting spinach and found that there were masses of edible leaves. So hours later after washing, de-stalking and blanching half of them I have some for the freezer, some for the fridge and some for supper.

I do find heucheras the prettiest and most versatile of plantsDSCN4017DSCN4019

3 thoughts on “Spinach marathon

  1. Love these pix! I once had a garden that looked like this, but I’m now in a community that doesn’t allow it. I miss watching everything grow and then – oh – so tasty.

  2. I know well how lucky I am. We have been here more than thirty years and I won’t be able to manage it forever, but being retired and still fit, I am able to enjoy it even more these days. The only problem is the battle between my desk and the outdoors. I want to do both.

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