The workshop in the dining room and a sunset

I’m not sure what law I’m invoking, but whatever DIY job I take on, tool by tool, the workshop slowly transfers itself to some unsuitable room in the house. This time it is the dining room.

DSCN4328I swear I only needed a ruler, a set square, some paste, a brush, a set of ladders and some cloths. Two weeks later the dining room has lost its identity under cardboard boxes full of the extra tools required.


It will be worth all the effort when winter finally arrives. We have lined many of our thin outer walls with wool fibre thermal lining paper (you can just paint over the top).

DSCN4329 We have also added some incredibly simple magnetic secondary glazing, purchased online from the wonderful There are real, helpful people who answer emails and the phone.

Yesterday after spending all day trying to finish off the walls, I went outside for a break and this is what I saw.





6 thoughts on “The workshop in the dining room and a sunset

  1. You are obviously residing in heavenly clouds more than in he world of insulation and pasting magnetic glazing. Did you stop work in mid-flight and took the pictures? In any case your latest article and photos are a delight.

  2. I hope your insulation works for you. We are just interrogating a boiler which refuses to go off when its OFF – unless I kill the power to it. I mean, it’s no way to behave.

    • Boilers undoubtedly have personalities, you have to negotiate with it. Good luck! Day after day I put off calling our plumber for the annual maintenance, secure in the knowledge that something will go wrong sooner or later and one visit is cheaper than two. (Poor logic, I know).

  3. Love the beautiful skies! and so pleased to see it’s not just me who can transform a living room into a workspace in no time leaving usual lack of room for eating / sitting etc. Have just migrated back out to the shed for summer so hope that might work for a bit – until it gets too hot. >:

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