Sunset, bees in December, sunrise

DSCN8698DSCN8718 DSCN8706 DSCN8708Truly there are bees (look harder), but my photography is a bit challenged.

A couple of mornings ago, I was making our pre-getting up pot of tea, when my husband called out ‘look out of the window!’. I did, tied my dressing gown, then grabbed a camera and went out of the back door for this shot – facing East.DSCN8711 Then, devoutly hoping the paper boy would not appear at that moment, I went out of the front door for this gentler western one.DSCN8715 Today I saw that the iris stylosa (or unguicularis), are going for broke. Winter?DSCN8716_2

The workshop in the dining room and a sunset

I’m not sure what law I’m invoking, but whatever DIY job I take on, tool by tool, the workshop slowly transfers itself to some unsuitable room in the house. This time it is the dining room.

DSCN4328I swear I only needed a ruler, a set square, some paste, a brush, a set of ladders and some cloths. Two weeks later the dining room has lost its identity under cardboard boxes full of the extra tools required.


It will be worth all the effort when winter finally arrives. We have lined many of our thin outer walls with wool fibre thermal lining paper (you can just paint over the top).

DSCN4329 We have also added some incredibly simple magnetic secondary glazing, purchased online from the wonderful There are real, helpful people who answer emails and the phone.

Yesterday after spending all day trying to finish off the walls, I went outside for a break and this is what I saw.