Small is exceedingly beautiful

Pencil drawing – Amy Green

Pencil drawing – Amy Green

Yesterday we went to a private house for a small exhibition of drawings by Amy Green. Amy’s work has moved over the years from large paintings to the small drawings that are now her exclusive output (but who is to say when or if that will change again). The pencil work is exquisite and repays nose-to-paper examination, or even a magnifying glass.

My photographic skills are not up to this task, but here is a flavour of the work.


The way each drawing occupies a page with enough space and looseness, gives them a very calm quality.

DSCN4486 - Version 3


Pencil drawings – Amy Green

Pencil drawings – Amy Green

Amy is my daughter, but I safely say that my appreciation of her work is shared by many others.

There are lots of Amy Greens on the net, her work is at

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