Mixed fortunes

The week has been disconcerting.

I have, with relief, finished reading yet another book I did not enjoy very much (I swear the last time I will do this), though it did travel across countryside I am fond of. At least I am only reading three books now. 

Every attempt to settle to writing on my new novel has been thwarted, however my finished novel has had a bite from an agent… I am not holding my breath.

I have been working on the Far East POW book again (new post tomorrow night).

In the garden warm weather has led to some strange anomalies. A spring clematis, Wada’s Primrose is flowering.


Another maple is only just now shedding its autumn colour.


But sadly one of my favourite maples, Sengokaku, was showing canker and today I have had to cut a big stem out of it.

Tomorrow I shall be at a Lindy Hopping workshop all day – happiness!

11 thoughts on “Mixed fortunes

  1. You might have a warm autumn, here the opposite. This morning our lounge was 11c, so are having our heating back on, three and a bit weeks from Christmas when the norm is over 30C.
    Clematis thrives here. Helvi planted one a couple of weeks ago.
    I would resist reading books that you don’t enjoy.

  2. My dream is to be like Louisa M Alcott and rent a room somewhere with no distractions to finish what I am writing. Life does get in the way doesn’t it? but gpox is right the garden is a pleasant break and a great place to sort out our thoughts. Good luck with the novel.

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