Foiled by a frog

Today I decided to sort out the log pile. One of my tasks being to separate out the pine, of which we have far too much for the health of our new stove. Underneath the pile I discovered some very unsavoury-looking bags, but they turned out to be full of really useful leaf-mould.

DSCN4747I was doing quite well when I lifted up one pine log and came face-to-face with a frog. He/she scrambled around a bit, looking very miffed about being disturbed, then hid. So very cautiously I replaced the logs in a rough pile. I continued tidying up, but revised my plans, accepting that I would have to leave the frog corner until the spring.


As soon as I had piled everything back there was a rustling. And the frog hopped smartly across the cleared area and under the newly stacked logs on the other side. And I didn’t even get a picture.


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