Chaos, crocus and broccoli

The site for the new greenhouse has reached (I hope) the lowest point in its development. We have removed the old green plastic affair,DSCN4916and begun to clear the area.


Then we made some more mess,DSCN4951

and attempted to cut the root of an old philadelphus in half.DSCN4953This is not a bright idea, but this shrub is one of the original ones and has such sweet-smelling flowers I am reluctant to dig it right out, even though the root will make it hard to get past the new greenhouse.

In the meantime every crocus in the garden is out, not to mention some early tulips and the garden is awash with primrose and miniature daffodils.

crocus Blue Pearl

crocus Blue Pearl

DSCN4924 DSCN4935 DSCN4932

Finally, I can’t hide my pride in our first broccoli. This was cut and eaten on February 22nd.

purple sprouting broccoli

purple sprouting broccoli

11 thoughts on “Chaos, crocus and broccoli

  1. You have my dream garden, Hilary. For some reason your post has not appeared in my reader. Some posts show up 3 times. Oh WP, what is going on?

    At my last British home I tried to turn the back garden into a wildlife area. I planted all sorts of native species. There is an excellent book on wildlife gardening, by Chris Baines if I recall correctly. I’m sure your garden must get lots of creatures great and small. Wonderful.

    • Thanks Andrew, yes we are extremely lucky, it’s not that big, but it’s got a bit of everything, so wildlife seems very happy, though thirty years ago we would bump into hedgehogs on a regular basis and now I search each summer for the rare signs of them.
      A few weeks ago all the blogs I followed by email disappeared. I had to go and find a box on a page I had never seen and uncheck it! WP were helpful, but it’s unsettling.

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