greenhouse shame

This was going to be a boring post about TAX and ebooks, but I’ll save that until I have made a call to the US tax authorities.

In April I was putting up photos of my wonderful new greenhouse. Soon after this I started planting seeds like fury. I decided to try and use up all my old seeds (some very ancient indeed). After an anxious week or so a few little seedlings made an appearance in a couple of trays, but I didn’t really know when to take the lids of the propagators and one lot damped off. The others died on the very hot day we went into town forgetting to open the greenhouse ventilators. Absolutely nothing appeared in the other trays.

I tried again with fresher seed but had similar results. So my total greenhouse haul this year so far is four weeds, DSCN5900

the sweet pepper a friend gave me, DSCN5901

and behind that one of the two tomatoes I managed to grow, DSCN5899the other is in the vegetable patch. I did manage to grow a pot full of purple sprouting broccoli and that is in the veg bed along with some direct sown leeks, carrots etc, but still, it’s embarrassing.


The good thing about gardens is that there is always another season and something else to admire. I rather like this last glimpse of the sun. DSCN6034 - Version 2The lilies are trying to make up for other failures,

DSCN6016 - Version 2

and the giant host is flowering madly.


Thrilling post about tax coming in the next few days.

Chaos, crocus and broccoli

The site for the new greenhouse has reached (I hope) the lowest point in its development. We have removed the old green plastic affair,DSCN4916and begun to clear the area.


Then we made some more mess,DSCN4951

and attempted to cut the root of an old philadelphus in half.DSCN4953This is not a bright idea, but this shrub is one of the original ones and has such sweet-smelling flowers I am reluctant to dig it right out, even though the root will make it hard to get past the new greenhouse.

In the meantime every crocus in the garden is out, not to mention some early tulips and the garden is awash with primrose and miniature daffodils.

crocus Blue Pearl

crocus Blue Pearl

DSCN4924 DSCN4935 DSCN4932

Finally, I can’t hide my pride in our first broccoli. This was cut and eaten on February 22nd.

purple sprouting broccoli

purple sprouting broccoli