Thank you, Andrew, for photos of the real bird. Here is another Lanius cristatus. Identified by Anthony Furness from our painting.

Lanius cristatus

Lanius cristatus

He/she is from this beautiful Japanese watercolour that I have known all my life and now have the good fortune to own.Jap paint2

All downhill from here

Yes, 2 of them in our garden today. Brown Shrikes both, Lanius cristatus. They speak for themselves. Enjoy.Preening Brown ShrikeBrown ShrikeBrown Shrike2Shrike SwallowShrike close

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2 thoughts on “Shrikes!

  1. Very interesting, Hilary. It is a different race from ours as we see lucionensis which has a pale grey forehead. The richness of the colour suggests a male but perhaps not.

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