A peony or two

My delight in the last week or so (among many in the garden) has been the tree peony show.

The big white one,DSCN5636the modest yellow one,

paeonia lutea

paeonia lutea

and the stunning lilac one half open after rain,DSCN5638


and fully open in the late sunlight.

DSCN5653As a water butt postscript, the not entirely successful plumbing arrangements for the greenhouse. As you can see there is no run-off. And yes, I know, there are still no plants to speak of. I have been fully occupied elsewhere, but I spent two hours in there yesterday, playing with seed trays, so hopefully something will emerge in due course. DSCN5625

13 thoughts on “A peony or two

  1. Lovely pictures.
    We have a few peonies, but they always collapse at the first sign of trouble, like wind or rain.
    No backbone!

  2. I also like plants with a scent. At my old Bishops Stortford home I took great pleasure in planting roses, standards as well as bushes, and I always wanted a good scent. The peonies look stunning but without scent…….. alas I’d have to pass. I planted lavender bushes all down the driveway so as people brushed past the scent was made airborne. I have never had a greenhouse and if we ever return to Britain I think that would be on the agenda. Tobacco plants are also good for attracting hawkmoths. Maybe a few of those would be good. And if you like Elephant Hawkmoths, plant Rosebay Willowherb, their larval food plant. The moths are stunning.

    • Tobacco plants – that’s a great idea. I have lavender everywhere, I just love the hum from the bees. Rosebay Willowherb… I suspect I would spend a lot of time discouraging it from taking over. We’ll see. When we were children, my father made light traps so we could catch moths to look at, always a great excitement.

      • Aha! I have a couple of moth traps that I run occasionally, Hilary. They are great fun, especially for children to learn.

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