Mea culpa – red-faced publisher

Umm, I have a confession. All this stress over Amazon making my life as a publisher (Threadgold Press) into a nightmare and endangering sales of my new book (Border Line) may be my fault. I asked them, yet again, why they did not send an email to me about an order, and I put in the email address I expected them to use. They replied that if I wanted to use this email address I had better change my settings, because the one they had was… They had a non-existent email address, a mixture of two of my three addresses. This particular stramash is an error I have made in the past, so I’m sure it is my fault. Apologies Amazon Advantage (ouch!).

My penance is to tell you all and perhaps help one other person to avoid the same pitfall, and to check their settings when expected emails go astray. In spite of GIGANTIC embarrassment, I am happier than before, because an intractable problem has an explanation and a cure, so the problem should disappear.

All I need now is a placatory photo so that you will remember the photo and not my idiocy.PICT0001

15 thoughts on “Mea culpa – red-faced publisher

  1. I suspect you’ll be using a lot of ^^” or 😳 in the days to come?
    Heck – no one makes more mistakes and slips of the memory than me – I know those two emoticons like old friends!!

  2. Does this problem with the email address explain why Nielsen had a problem getting Amazon to accept the graphic? I hope so, and that all these problems are now solved.

    • No, the Amazon Nielsen graphics problem is entirely separate and not confined to my covers. In fact the icons for either the print or the kindle edition are inexplicably missing on almost alternate days. I’m trying not to mind about that.

  3. Hmmm … I shall reserve my sudden conversion to Amazon-fandom until you tell us that they have, in fact, done the right thing by you, Hilary …
    And the PHOTO !!! – that is simply … simply … super. Sweet. Stylish. Scintillating !!!

    • Well the book cover icons are still on some kind of merry-go-round, but hey, I’m not in a position to complain. I love that photo too, we cannot remember what the crime was, but guilt is writ so large in the body language.

  4. Yes your photo makes up for any glitches. Is that your grand daughter? Do hope the rest goes smoothly, and that you can sit back and bask in the satisfaction of seeing the book completed as you’d envisaged it.

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