The waiting season

I find myself prowling the garden, waiting for the dramas of autumn. Some of them are underway already. DSCN8467 Though summer has not yet retired and tomatoes and apples (Blenheim Orange) are still ripening, DSCN8471 DSCN8466This rhododendron (Morgenrot) thinks it is spring. DSCN8473

No idea what this frog is thinking. We have no pond, but I bump into frogs a few times every year (he is a frog; he is smooth-skinned and he jumps). DSCN8463There are roses (Alec’s Red – knockout scent and cosmos (Chocamocha) in flower and even the odd sweet pea.DSCN8502DSCN8481 DSCN8496 What I am really waiting for is the maples to change colour. I am impatient to know which of my new seedlings has the best autumn glow. This impatience is foolish, I must not wish the summer away and the marigolds (Calendula) in the veg plot are still covered in blooms a joy to behold.DSCN8458And there is plenty of drama (Pampas Grass) in the botanical gardens. IMG_1260

34 thoughts on “The waiting season

  1. Pretty pictures! We’re starting to see fall where I live. It’s weird because it’s as if I blinked and all of a sudden there are red and orange leaves in the trees. Seemed to happy so quickly. But I love fall so bring it on, I guess. 🙂

  2. We have just had the hottest start to October on record. Up to 40c (104 F) and then down to 22 (70) all in three days. And bushfires already. The climate is certainly preparing us for a real kick in the backside.

  3. Peggy was disappointed she didn’t see more flowers on her August garden tour of the Cotswold. But she did love the tour and will be blogging about it soon. Yours appear to be quite happy they have survived into the fall. As for the frog, someone has to be around to eat up fall bugs. (grin) –Curt

    • There is a small river a 100 years or so from us, but you have to cross a road. None of our near neighbours have a pond, that I’m away of… (hmm, I’m going to check that out, I’ve just thought of someone). I did rescue a frog from inside one of our watering cans earlier this year. He hopped away.

  4. Like M-R, I love Cosmos…I used to grow many colors of them, my favorite being that pink particular to them; they always reminded me of the basic, humble, five-petal flower I used to draw and color over and over, as a child, though I never had a crayon exactly that color of pink!

  5. Your garden photos are always so well taken, Hilary. While you will be surrounded with intense fall colors very soon, please think of me in this semi-desert, drought-ridden asphalt jungle. 🙂

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