The waiting season

I find myself prowling the garden, waiting for the dramas of autumn. Some of them are underway already. DSCN8467 Though summer has not yet retired and tomatoes and apples (Blenheim Orange) are still ripening, DSCN8471 DSCN8466This rhododendron (Morgenrot) thinks it is spring. DSCN8473

No idea what this frog is thinking. We have no pond, but I bump into frogs a few times every year (he is a frog; he is smooth-skinned and he jumps). DSCN8463There are roses (Alec’s Red – knockout scent and cosmos (Chocamocha) in flower and even the odd sweet pea.DSCN8502DSCN8481 DSCN8496 What I am really waiting for is the maples to change colour. I am impatient to know which of my new seedlings has the best autumn glow. This impatience is foolish, I must not wish the summer away and the marigolds (Calendula) in the veg plot are still covered in blooms a joy to behold.DSCN8458And there is plenty of drama (Pampas Grass) in the botanical gardens. IMG_1260

The garden moves

After creating havoc and shifting (with much help) a rhododendron in a barrel (Yakushimanum) and removing a couple more in large plastic posts, we got stuck into the mud and sand and repaved the area.

DSCN4773DSCN4792DSCN4794DSCN4804 DSCN4830

Then we replaced Rhododendron Cupcake (above in grey pot) and tidied up,

DSCN4882feeling pleased that we had solved the Rhododendron-meets-giant-hosta-and-blocks-passageway problem.


Hosta Sum and Substance

Hosta Sum and Substance

But we still had another problem – the second big grey tub, one small (elderly, decrepit) trolley and two (ditto) people.DSCN4865

DSCN4869DSCN4871 DSCN4876 - Version 2And there it will have to stay until other works are finished round the front of the garden.