The best laid plans…

… of mice, men and women are bound to run agley.

Just as I was getting back into a blogging routine, life has bowled me a googly and I shall have to prioritise ruthlessly for the next month or more. So once more, although I will be around, dropping in, and occasionally waving from the sidelines, I will not be visiting regularly and not posting much at all. When I don’t see or comment on your posts it is me, not you. I will be back.

Here is the book I am reading and which is engaging me completely. If you want to keep a perspective on our life on earth, this is the prescribed medicine. dscn9867-version-2 It starts with the simple premise that explorers have reached earth 100,000,000 years hence and then looks at what they might find. Actually it’s an accessible lesson in paleontology and stratigraphy (! my vocabulary is expanding).

And here are my delicious peppers (at least I hope they are, I haven’t eaten one yet), grown from seed. dscn9862 dscn9861

And finally the hips are colouring in the garden as autumn creeps up on us.dscn9869

À bientôt!

22 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. I don’t have the courage to take in stuff like that, Hilary: my opinion of what the rich are doing to our beautiful planet includes nothing of optimism.
    Here – one of the southern-est levels of Oz – spring is beginning to think about returning to life.And I am thinking about taking yet another major step.
    I know you will be around, so whatever you do is fine by me.

  2. We must stay optimistic but it is increasingly hard. I hope the hiatus is productive. My reading is chaotic. I’m currently immersed in Stiglitz on The Euro and my next read is The Warden. I’ve just finished Tess. So much I could could read. Prioritization isn’t my forte.

    • Love your reading spread. Mine is an utterly chaotic mixture of new interests, duties, old friends and the ever waiting pile. Sometimes life events do the prioritising for you and decisions become very simple and clear.

  3. I finally saw my Grandad last weekend to give him your book I ordered from Amazon, when I told him you were my blog friend he was disappointed I hadn’t got you to sign it 😄. He was excited to get started on it my Nanas going to be talking to herself this week lol.

    Wishing you productive extra hours 🙋🏼

  4. You sound busy too. Am finally writing a post on the idea you gave me from yours on ‘unpleasaunces’. Thanks for the encouragement with my writing and I will follow up with one of your books soon. I do wonder what our human legacy will be….

    • Very best of luck with the writing. I suspect our legacy will be a couple of millimetres stripe in the rock face here or there on the earth’s surface! Meanwhile we can make our short-term legacy with our writing.

  5. Well, I feel extra blessed for your comment on my last post. I’m just trying to catch up myself – too many things to do, too little time – and I’m hoping that now, a couple of weeks down the track, things have improved for you. Your capsicums (as we would call them) look yum!

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