Sunday Living History Interview – Far East Prisoners of War – Hilary Custance Green

Sally Cronin has once more given my recent work on Far East POWs and my other work the kind of polish I dream about, but never quite achieve. My thanks to her and all her visitors.

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Living HistoryMy guest today is author Hilary Custance Green and she will be sharing the story her father’s imprisonment by the Japanese during World War II and the letters that were written to her mother Phyllis by the wives and families of other Far East Prisoners of War.

About Hilary Custance Green.


Hilary had a nomadic childhood moving between England, Gibraltar, Germany and attending school in Belgium and therefore studying languages might have been the obvious choice. But it was art that was to become the priority. Hilary took degrees in Art History and Art Sculpture and then spent many years producing some stunning pieces. You will find examples of her work on her website:

This was not Hilary’s only creative endeavour as she also immersed herself in poetry and music both of which would feature side by side with her experience with the more scientific approach to brain health…

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19 thoughts on “Sunday Living History Interview – Far East Prisoners of War – Hilary Custance Green

    • Thank you, Gerard, if it gets to the families who need to know they are not forgotten and the researchers who need these kinds of documents, then it has done its work and I am a happy author. Hope yours is moving along nicely too.

    • And with you Cynthia (see my M-R reply above). Most of my life I have been running around like the White Rabbit and achieving little, but I have had the time and the luck to put down some markers in the last few years… though I did want to be a poet, really.

  1. What a great and moving story! My Dad was in the Navy in WW2 and I remember him telling us children about the war but nowhere near the atrocities you had documentation for. Thanks for the memories of those times… jc

  2. That’s a wonderful post, you must be so pleased about having compiled this book after all the research and effort that went into it. Your hard work is inspirational.

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