Still picking and painting… thank you Sally, Rod… and geese for Linda

(The random nature of my posts reflects my state of mind)

My much neglected vegetable plot and greenhouse are managing fine without me, and still supplying pickings. dscn9938

In August I meant to clean and re-stain all our external and internal woodwork. I finally started a couple of weeks ago. dscn9898

There’s an awful lot of it, and a lot of other important commitments, so I am like a jack-in-the-box – out if the sun shines, in doing other stuff the instant it looks like rain. I have become weather alert, but this had me foxed. dscn9902 dscn9901 dscn9900

The bits that are done look good, but most of the porch and the left-hand run of windows are still to finish.dscn9948 dscn9949

In between my other commitments there are the other, other commitments – four lectures in four different towns (I’m getting a little less fearful with each one) – and one more to go (with others in the pipeline).

Surviving the Death Railway is travelling the world – thank you to all my fellow bloggers who have bought copies, and to Sally Cronin for generously writing about my work and to Rod on Fragmented Mind for his wonderful review.

Photo for Linda – what I did when I was told to be careful of the geese.hilary-chasing-geese_2


32 thoughts on “Still picking and painting… thank you Sally, Rod… and geese for Linda

  1. Your produce is perfect for a stew, salad or …a good curry. But, I know there is a problem with boarding school memories hiding in the background. So glad your latest book is doing well and you deserve all the praise it is getting.

    • Yes, we have been having both stews and salads. Rice looks pretty cooked with red peppers too. I don’t honestly know how the publishers are doing with my book, but I have sold most of the copies I bought from them and I am thrilled with the feedback I have been getting, so I am happy.

  2. Seems you’re pestered by all your followers for special images, dear Hilary ! 🙂
    I’m SO GLAD your latest book is so successful: you deserve every bit of it – and much more.

  3. Great last photo, Hilary! Such a storytelling photo. Congrats on all your achievements, including the book, of course, but also the house and home ‘bits’ that you’ve taken care of. From what I see, the bits look great!
    Finally, I’m glad you’re becoming more comfortable with the lectures and readings. I know how that is.

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