Tulip parade with mavericks and butterfly

As a child I thought tulips were boring, but now I can’t resist them. Some have been with me for years.

Purissima, I think.DSCN5326 Very old, I don’t know the name, they come up year after year.DSCN5423


Others are new. I think this is called Shirley.DSCN5461


Some are a mixture, older Apricot Beauty and newer Angélique?DSCN5421Don’t know, possibly Johann Strauss.

But in any grand plan there are always mavericks…

These should all be peach-coloured, no reds in this bed.

DSCN5367 And these were a freebie with a weird name, that I cannot  at present remember.DSCN5370

This evening I almost picked this narcissus and then noticed the charmingly camouflaged  resident. I don’t remember seeing one like this before. However a quick search of the Internet suggests that it is an orange tip (the orange is only visible with the wings open).


The long-awaited greenhouse arrives tomorrow, the base is nearly finished.

An addition – Snakeshead Fritillary – thanks Andrew.