Garden antiques?

Our new neighbours have been clearing out their garden shed. The house had belonged to a 92 year-old lady who had lived in it for 90 years. Among the gardening tools, they found this.

unidentified garden tool

unidentified garden tool

Has anyone any idea what it is for? Suggestions? It is about 18 inches/45 cms long. It has an iron head and the shaft has a leather handgrip. It looks a little like something a medieval knight might have wielded, but not something a well-bought-up lady would be using in her garden.


It is clear from pictures on the Internet – thank you Koji – that this is a flanged mace. This was used as a weapon in armed combat in Roman and medieval times (for penetrating armour) and is still used for a variety of ceremonies today. As this one is relatively light and short and presumably modern (i.e. within the last 150 years), I assume it is ceremonial, though these usually have rounded flanges and more ornamentation. It is, in spite of its size, a dangerous weapon.