The hedgehog gets it

I was going to write a serious post about getting my manuscript to the publishers and reinstating my vanished website, but I have spent this evening rushing to the glass back door to shine a torch on the hedgehogs just outside.

So, I have some very bad photos of the Big un and the Little un trying to eat out of the same flower pot. When I first heard the thumping noise and went to look the Big un was hunched and immobile over the front edge of the pot, while the Little un bumped the back end, moving the pot in every direction. Then the Little un came round and tried to push the Big un out of the way, but he just went further into the pot and sat on the food. DSCN8225


Eventually the Little un gave up and went round the back to feed on the scraps that fell through the holes, while the Big un munched his way through the nibbles. DSCN8235

When I next looked there was no one in sight, and some food still in the pot, but a while later the Little un returned. He polished everything off, had a little wander and disappeared into the night. I have seen variations of the battle on several occasions now. DSCN8236I’d love to know their relationship, but can’t work out.

A couple of photos from the amazing and unique Hauser and Wirth garden and gallery at Bruton in Somerset. The galleries are full of beautiful, moving and astonishing sculptures, but you may not photograph them. DSCN8175 DSCN8183