Garden havoc

Because we are about to put up our first greenhouse, we have been clearing a chaotic corner of the garden, cutting back rampant lilacs and tearing down even more rampant ivy. Our neighbour has been doing the same on the other side of the fence and, what with the gales and the age of the fence, there has been a grand collapse. DSCN4761


In the meantime, kind friends who had come to stay took me up on a lighthearted suggestion that we all move the rhododendrons in tubs on the other side of the house, which had grown so big that they were closing the passageway. This was not a trivial task.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

But they weren’t put off and so project number two is now underway.DSCN4775


DSCN4780Today a bolt of sand was delivered and somehow, in the next few weeks, we will create suitable hard standing for a greenhouse and three giant tubs of rhododendrons, as well as repairing the fence and creating a new log store.

I like a spring challenge. As far as nature is concerned, this is spring. The plum tree is in blossom. DSCN4784