too many books again

2.3.13 Picked up the new book that EG gave me at Christmas, 1853 A Year in Music, by Hugh MacDonald for my morning tea-in-bed read. I am once more involved in too many books. I still have 40 odd pages to go of the Scott Fitzgerald, which I am now reading in my after lunch research slot. I should be reading the Arandora Star at this time about the interned British Italians lost on this ship in July 1940. This will unwind over the next few days.

Scott Fitzgerald

25.2.13 This morning I returned to the other book I was reading, Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. A few chapters in I felt unenthusiastic about reading the rest of it.  There is no secret about where the novel is heading – downhill. However in the last weeks the style has grown on me. All the minute dissections of what individuals might or might not be feeling – always digging for another layer of truth.