Where have all the Robins gone?

Today I was digging up tree roots. Fifteen years ago such activity would have been accompanied by endless whirring of wings and fierce comments if I was too close to a juicy vine weevil. I always used to have at least two in attendance, and once six! (presumably a family). In an hour of work today I saw none at all. Yet they are there in the garden, as I see them on the feeders. I can’t believe they prefer dry grains to live tidbits and I am sure they have not turned vegetarian.

I worried that this Hydrangea paniculata pink diamond (white flowers fading to pink), might not work in this big glazed brown pot. Guess I was wrong!

hydrangea paniculata pink diamond

hydrangea paniculata pink diamond

2 thoughts on “Where have all the Robins gone?

  1. The robins are taking a nap because they are very wakeful little birds
    and we humans deprive them of a good night’s sleep by leaving street lights on all night
    and driving about in vehicles in the small hours.

    I spent quite a while a few years back recording robins singing at 3 in the morning:
    I love their song, it’s so liquid.

  2. I’m sure you’re right. I’ll make less noise next time.
    I never knew they would sing in the night. It is interesting that I was working so happily, but feeling something was missing and realised it was the sound of their wings and comments.

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