L881 VLB – RIP


My utterly trusty Nissan Sunny has finally gone on to be an organ donor. The engine could have lasted for many more years, but it’s been an age since the rev counter worked. The door locking mechanisms play a symphony at random moments. The shock absorbers are giving up the ghost. The wheel bearings object noisily to multi-storey car parks. The windscreen wipers and washers are finding it all too much. The ventilation system showers the unwary with leaf fragments… my Very Lovely Beast (VLB) has come to a natural end.

The upside is that Chicago daughter’s small Peugot, stabled for 3 plus years in our garage, can now sit in the drive, releasing a fine large dry area of shed space.

I am comforting myself with the smell of lilies and the sight of the Hydrangea Paniculata Pink Diamond  (it turns pink as it fades).DSCN8154 DSCN8155 - Version 2 DSCN8156 And I’ve just discovered that the hedgehog in the pot is sort-of visible (though not posing very helpfully) in one of my photos. Pity about the embarrassing state of the back door. DSCN8152



Where have all the Robins gone?

Today I was digging up tree roots. Fifteen years ago such activity would have been accompanied by endless whirring of wings and fierce comments if I was too close to a juicy vine weevil. I always used to have at least two in attendance, and once six! (presumably a family). In an hour of work today I saw none at all. Yet they are there in the garden, as I see them on the feeders. I can’t believe they prefer dry grains to live tidbits and I am sure they have not turned vegetarian.

I worried that this Hydrangea paniculata pink diamond (white flowers fading to pink), might not work in this big glazed brown pot. Guess I was wrong!

hydrangea paniculata pink diamond

hydrangea paniculata pink diamond