The garden moves

After creating havoc and shifting (with much help) a rhododendron in a barrel (Yakushimanum) and removing a couple more in large plastic posts, we got stuck into the mud and sand and repaved the area.

DSCN4773DSCN4792DSCN4794DSCN4804 DSCN4830

Then we replaced Rhododendron Cupcake (above in grey pot) and tidied up,

DSCN4882feeling pleased that we had solved the Rhododendron-meets-giant-hosta-and-blocks-passageway problem.


Hosta Sum and Substance

Hosta Sum and Substance

But we still had another problem – the second big grey tub, one small (elderly, decrepit) trolley and two (ditto) people.DSCN4865

DSCN4869DSCN4871 DSCN4876 - Version 2And there it will have to stay until other works are finished round the front of the garden.


9 thoughts on “The garden moves

    • Yes, they are tulips, the first early ones are already opening. However, we live in a very unpredictable climate, although the garden (and the birds) think it’s spring, we are still waiting for winter to come. We could have frosts and snow up until May. If this happens many plants and shrubs will suffer.

    • We may still have snow to come (see above). I am waiting with fleeces at the ready to cover shrubs that are far too advanced for the time of year. We are indeed very lucky to have a big enough garden to play in.

  1. It’s impressive to see the variety of plants that tolerate the climate. It looks wonderful. I miss growing roses here. But even here we can get cold spells until early June. I’d love to have a garden like yours 😜

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