Monster Hosta

A couple of years or so ago the plant in the corner outside our kitchen window died. The area was mostly shady and tended to get dripped on from the gutter above, so to fill it quickly we bought a healthy-looking hosta. It grew and grew and we kept moving it further out from the corner. By July last year this host was taking over and almost meeting a nearby rhododendron.

Hosta Sum and Substance

Hosta Sum and Substance

So in January we moved the rhododendron and paved a whole new section ( Meanwhile the tub looked all small and innocent.

Then a few cracks appeared on the surface and great spikes broke through. After a week or so we had this.

I thought we had been exaggerating the space it needed. Then it expanded a bit.


And a bit more.


I began to move the tub out a little further each day.DSCN5772 DSCN5782 DSCN5786

We may have to move out of the kitchen next; it is certainly planning to move in through the window.

28 thoughts on “Monster Hosta

  1. I love plants but my wife don’t want me to touch them.
    I have enough addictions to cope with.
    I love your posts on flowers even if I don’t comment much on them.

  2. oh oh – I am in trouble….I just planted 8 – as a border in the front of my house, 4 on each side of my steps…I may need to add on an additional door to get in and out of my house!!! lol Can you see the headlines now….woman found inside house that was swallowed up by the monster hostas growing in her front yard, she was found with her hands still on her computer keyboard!!!! 😀

    • Well, the final scenario will depend on which kind they are. I have many in the ground that behave perfectly normally and I never knew there were giant hostas until this one took off. Better look at the labels…

      • I guess I can hope for the best..I did not realize how many different ones there are…time will tell. I am a newbie with gardening so I am sure it is going to be interesing!

    • It actually gets quite a lot of sun first thing in the morning, but it is shaded the rest of the day. The green thumbs are deceptive, apart from a little water in dry spells, this hosta just grows whatever I do. It doesn’t like high winds very much, especially in early spring when the leaves are still so fragile.

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