Pleasaunces, unpleasaunces and a book break

Christopher Lloyd said that all gardens have an unpleasaunce as well as a pleasance – ours has several. In the last couple of months my husband has created order out of chaos and we are unpleasaunce down and several compost bins, new fence and a log shelter up.


The rest of the garden is half way through June as far as I can tell.

… I am being forced to use the new editor as I cannot upload media in the old one… and it is sending me crackers!! I have no idea why these images are different sizes. Here, I hope, is my art-house image of the garden.DSCN9375

This post is really to say a brief goodbye as I tackle the pre-publication launch parties for the new book. Copies were due last week… they will now arrive three days before the first party. I shall be away from my desk for several days. My sanity is hanging by a thread. I am trailing behind  with all your posts, so will be doing some leapfrogging. Sorry about the ones I will miss.Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 21.26.02

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 21.20.14

A peony or two

My delight in the last week or so (among many in the garden) has been the tree peony show.

The big white one,DSCN5636the modest yellow one,

paeonia lutea

paeonia lutea

and the stunning lilac one half open after rain,DSCN5638


and fully open in the late sunlight.

DSCN5653As a water butt postscript, the not entirely successful plumbing arrangements for the greenhouse. As you can see there is no run-off. And yes, I know, there are still no plants to speak of. I have been fully occupied elsewhere, but I spent two hours in there yesterday, playing with seed trays, so hopefully something will emerge in due course. DSCN5625