The life and death of a knot garden

In 1991we created the only formal area of our garden. We used the miniature box, buxus suffructosa.knot garden 1991knot garden 1991-21995knot garden 1995 2001knot garden 1991-2 12004knot garden 2004 2008knot garden 20082010DSCN2663June 2014DSCN6048September 2014. The box hedges in the knot garden have box blight. This is not curable – at least there are no chemical cures available for domestic use.DSCN6300DSCN6525DSCN6526DSCN6547DSCN6578

While this is sad, one of the blissful things about gardening is that the end of one project is always a the beginning of a new one.

What shall I plant now?



33 thoughts on “The life and death of a knot garden

      • The only one I have seen is Midsummer Marriage, where I felt a bit like Bruckner asking Wagner why that woman was burning. Liked the music, though.

      • Yes, we enjoyed New Year, and I have very fond memories of a performance of A Child of Our Time. (Birtwhistle was a teacher at my last school, so i got exposed to modern classical music quite young).

  1. We have a few boxes here and there but never heard of blight regarding boxes. I must look it up. Perhaps a different box is the answer? There are supposed to be many varieties. Despite all our intentions with bulbs, we had just two daffodils and two tulips flowering this year. I really liked the greenness of the boxes before the blight took hold.

    • Did a double take here, Gerald, thought you were kidding me about boxes/containers, not so sure now. Yes there are some resistant varieties, but I think it would be wiser, and more fun, to try something new.

  2. The tone of your post does sound like you’re actually quite excited to plant something new there. I’m not really a gardener, so I’m not sure what to suggest. But having seen all these pictures of your lovely garden I have no doubt you’ll come up with something, that will look wonderful.

    • Aha, yes, I have a very sweet dwarf lavender, but it would be too expensive to buy enough plants for the box garden, so I am thinking of some temporary solutions while I try and grow lots of cuttings from my one plant… Bee paradise, if I can do it.

  3. It is always exciting to start new projects. I wish I could give you a useful advice, but you know how terribly black my both thumbs are. Wish you the best of luck, Hilary. I love the aspect of your garden from 2010. What a beauty it was, and my compliments on the pictures 🙂

  4. If you still want a knot garden then try ilex crenata instead of box. Octave made by Scott chemical does work on box blight but it is expensive. You have to register over the phone to buy it. But haven’t bought it for 4 years as the tub is huge!!!

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